Financial Assistance

We believe that every child should have access to soccer in our community. There are two programs to help those requiring financial assistance:


Please follow our instructions below as this is our best way to help you!

  1. Please register your child at KidSport or JumpStart FIRST BEFORE registering with SoccerTech!
  2. When registering, use “SoccerTech” in the “Sport Organization” field.  Please do NOT use “Arbour Lake Community Association”.
  3. Please record the file number that KidSport or JumpStart has associated with our registration.
  4. Please return to our portal: to register your child in our association.
  5. Once you get to the payment section, please insert the KidSport or JumpStart registration number in the payment field.
  6. Please update us via email to once you receive the confirmation of your grant.
  7. KidSport will direct deposit to us and JumpStart will send us a cheque. We will send you a receipt, once we receive payment. Unless you receive a receipt, you can assume that we have not received any funds from your grant.
  8. Should you be declined, please contact us and we will work with you. We want all children to have a chance to play.

Please note: if you should choose to register your child first in our program and fully pay for the child, we will not be able to apply KidSport or JumpStart funding against this purchase. We will only accept the financial assistance, if this process has been followed exactly.