Jersey Kits

PLEASE NOTE: While we will do our best to ensure that each player has a properly fitted jersey, jersey kit sizing is NOT GUARANTEED. If a parent picks a size for their child, our choice may be similar but not guaranteed to be the same.

For players in U4 to U10, please use the table below as a guide and the pictures as an indicator on how to measure.

  • Once you enter the sizing for your child into our software, the sizing is our guide. We will try our best to accommodate. Parents have no right to DEMAND a different size than the one they ordered.
  • Please remember that soccer scheduled to start at the beginning of May.  The weather will still be colder and layers are needed.  If in doubt, please order a larger jersey kit to accommodate the extra layers!
  • Please also note: there is only one size for the kit.  If you order a YL for a jersey kit, you will also receive a YL short and a matching sock.  There are no exceptions or returns to this possible.
  • Please measure the jerseys correctly.  Below is a good description on how to measure – please do the same on a fitting shirt of your child to get a proper reading of the requirements.
  • There are no exchanges of any part of the jersey kits.

The jerseys are cut to the following sizing:

Jersey SizeWidthHeight
*All measurements in inches.